Tuesday, March 21, 2017


There are several ways that a charm can be implemented.  It could be a spell to impress a prospective employer when going for a new job; or to charm your present boss into thinking that you’re the one for the job that’s just been created; or to attract a male/female that you wish to go out with; or to simply ‘charm’ people into liking you.  Some may see this as manipulation, but to a magical practitioner it is simply using your magical advantages.
There are those who refer to a charm as something they carry around or have around the home to attract good luck and protection.  For example people carry around a rabbit’s foot, or a special coin, or piece of jewellery because they believe that it brings them good luck or helps with gambling, for instance.   The carrier believes that good luck will come to them to them in some way, or inspiration to help with an exam, or pass a driving test.   Sometimes the ‘object’ is wearing what people believe to be their lucky colour
Technically these examples are amulets or talismans, depending on the nature of their empowerment (refer to Lesson Six). A charm (or spell) is the verbal or physical method of empowering an item, without which, the item itself would be useless.   Usually a charm or spell will be worked for a   specific purpose and over a period of time the magician may find that s/he will have acquired a number of them.   
Bear in mind when preparing to undertake a charm/spell working that, as with any magical process, you may get what you asked for - and it may not be what you wanted. For example: a house move sounds simple enough but there is a lot that can go wrong.  The roof may fall in and you could end up in some bed-sit somewhere, or a loss of a job may mean you lose your home.  These things are possible and do happen through the lack of attention to detail.   ‘Need not greed’ should be at the forefront of any working, whether for yourself or on behalf of someone else.  A colleague’s son asked his mother for help in obtaining a new job and gave her a list from which to work.   She duly carried out his instructions and made up a suitable charm-bag for him to take to the interview, tucked away in his briefcase.  The perfect job materialised and he would have thoroughly enjoyed it — but he had to leave after a month because he couldn’t stand the boss.  It was something he’d overlooked when making his list of ‘must haves’.
So whether the charm empowers an amulet or a talisman, all due care and consideration need to be taken at all times.

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