Monday, January 9, 2017

New news and busy times

Between 1997 and 2007 ignotus press was one of the leading independent publishers of esoteric books on the subject of ritual magic, mysticism, traditional British Old Craft and the Egyptian Mystery Tradition - and was often ahead of its time in only accepting typescripts from bone fide magical practitioners who could prove their antecedents.

In 2017 the press is being resurrected to promote some of the old titles that have been out of print for many years and to encourage new writers from within the magical community who are finding it difficult to place their typescripts with more mainstream publishers. The press will be operated under the banner of Coven of the Scales and the commissioning editor for the new enterprise will be Julie Dexter who (along with her husband as Magister) is Dame of the Coven. Melusine Draco will be acting as magical consultant.

All the books listed here are available in e-book format from Kindle/Amazon and often appear on special offer - and in paperback format from FeedARead at special low 'direct from the printer' prices. If you've enjoyed our books then a review on Amazon ( and com) would be greatly appreciated. So let's put Ignotus Press UK back on the map! MD

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