Friday, January 13, 2017


A New Year's Resolution ... to make the MD blog more interesting and entertaining!  This I'm told, needs to contain lots more original and personal stuff - and less book promos.  Despite living the magical life 24/7 I don't think I'm particularly interesting but the guys at Moon Books are ganging up on me. Having just recently stood down as Head of Coven of the Scales, I've gone into  voluntary Crone-mode and it should be giving me more time for 'me' things but ...

Firstly, there's the Japanese Garden: that started off as a detailed account of creating my own Zen space.  It's slowly progressing on Facebook with its own small but supportive group - including authentic instruction, pictures, poetry and art from traditional Japanese sources - not by Western copy-cats. Anyone who disturbs our wa - or harmony - is immediately slung out!

The whole point of a Japanese garden is to provide a small meditational spot where everyday life can be left at the entrance along with your shoes. Having been brought up with Shinto I find it provides a spiritual bolt-hole away from cares and distractions. There usually weekly posts and even on-line it can provide a pleasant little interlude before moving on to more pressing things.

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