Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Books Under Contract

This week I've added two more books to my forthcoming titles list in the Moon Books Shaman Pathways series: Black Horse, White Horse and Aubrey's Dog - Power Animals Within Traditional Witchcraft.  A couple of good reader's reports are well worth noting ...

Submitted by Krystina Kellingley (Aubrey's Dog)
I really enjoyed this, a really good read. It starts off with an interesting story and maintains the reader’s interest throughout. I enjoyed the historical and scientific information as well as the charm, amulet and herb lore. The second chapter was a fascinating look at breeds and their characteristics and the bearing this has from a magical perspective and I also really enjoyed the stories of superstition. In fact this book has lots of appealing information on everything and anything you could ever want to know about the dog as a power animal and spiritual companion. It’s written in a very reader friendly manner and I can see dog lovers of all descriptions being hooked by it.

Submitted by Maria Moloney Wilbrink (Black Horse, White Horse)
I like earthy books. Big fan in fact. Also a big horse fan it being one of my own animal companions as it must be for others. Lots of interesting information and research. It's a good reference book but also has rituals and practical exercises

Probably due for publication before the end of the year ... and as we've reached the (very wet) Summer Solstice, I will be taking my customary break from writing until after the Autumn Equinox. MD.

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