Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book News

The Dictionary of Magic & Mystery is now out and I'm highly delighted with the result. It was originally compiled for my own personal use, but like Topsy, it 'just grew'd'. Also available as an e-book from Moon Books at www.johnhuntpublishing.com.

Magic Crystals, Sacred Stones is in production and should also be available shortly.

The contract has been signed for a small addition to Moon Book's Pagan Portals - By Spellbook and Candle: Cursing, Hexing, Bottling and Binding - which should be published at the end of this year.

The final typescript has been submitted for The Atum-Re Revival, which has has a favourable reaction from the publisher's readers:

Submitted by Krystina Kellingley: A really well written, interesting and knowledgeable book. Having quite an interest in the Egyptian Mystery Tradition, I found this to be an extremely solid and informative text. Well structured, and excellent detail, it does a really good job of explaining a very complex and complicated subject in a reader friendly and accessible way. I like how the author explores the connections and aspects of the Egyptian Mysteries in other belief/mystery systems such as the Kabbalah and Extraterrestrial life. I also like the practical advice, the exercises and the Invocations. There is much here to appeal to anyone at all interested in the Egyptian Mysteries.

Submitted by Maria Moloney Wilbrink: I really like this. Another great book from Melusine. I have studied a little Egyptian magic, but this book is fascinating and goes much further than anything I have previously read. Well written and honest is doesn’t pretend to be the original Egyptian magic, but a modern take on it, based as far as possible on ancient magical principles. This is my favourite approach to magic. I would certainly buy it. Educational but accessible there is plenty in the book for the magical practitioner, but also it is a good grounding for those about to embark on an Egyptian Mysteries based pathway. As usual, there are lots of exercises and tips included.