Sunday, February 12, 2012


Once again, Melusine Draco has delivered an important contribution to the study and practice of traditional witchcraft. This work contains a wealth of information on harnessing the magical power of the sea and its flora and fauna. As in Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living, the magical theory and practice outlined is solidly grounded in natural phenomena experienced by everyone. The usual neo-pagan and new age fantasies are replaced with solid information on oceanography, meteorology, and nephology in a way that is not only useful to a magical practice but very interesting. A thorough catalog of plants and animals and their magical uses, as well as an extensive selection of spell work and spiritual exercises, make this a valuable resource for beginners and seasoned practitioners.
The book is not just for those of us fortunate to live close to the sea. A person living in any location can benefit from making use of the natural tides that are an important feature in the practice that is thoroughly explained by the author. The writing is accessible, thought provoking, and often humorous. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.
Chris G, USA

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