Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter Solstice update

With the Winter Solstice just around the corner, all the books have been completed and are now in various stages of production ready for release in the New Year. There have been a few in-house changes and the titles will now appear under the different imprints of John Hunt Publishing (formerly O-Books). The Traditional Witchcraft series and the Dictionary of Magic & Mystery will come under the Moon Books imprint and Magic Crystals, Sacred Stones under the Axis Mundi imprint - all available from

More books in the pipeline, however, and I'm working away on The Atum-Re Revival: Ancient Egyptian Wisdom for the Modern World. It's good to get back into the Egyptian Mystery Tradition routine again as this is currently out of fashion with today's magical seekers, all of whom seem to be fascinated by traditional witchcraft methods at the moment - hence the increase in demand for our Arcanum course. Magic, like everything else I suppose, has its fashions!

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